Blueprint Folley

The party paid, they retired to their respective locales. The next day, Korbin received commendation on their previous work and an offer for a new contract. His associates were rounded up and agreed to pursue their quarry, a very valuable blueprint of a brand new banking branch being built, courtesy of House Kundarak.

Deciding again to split to gather information, they discovered that the blueprint plan was segmented into several pieces, each of which is retained by one of the foremen on the job site. Zeke, a helpful albeit reckless janitor, assisted in the procurement of one of the segments.

Combined with the disappearance of another piece, this brought construction to a halt while an investigation was performed.

Eventually the group coerced their way into being hired by the head foreman of the job to find the thieves of the two pieces and given access to some of the more secure areas of House Kundarak’s facilites.



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