Mitsuyami Personal Information

Finding the Unfound

Sayuri strolls through the market with a servant, her eyes keenly searching for the Kalashtar her Uncle described, the man who almost killed him. Her mind is not wild with anger and revenge as one might think. Her thoughts are as cold as winter’s grasp and are in absolute order. If she found the man she would subdue and apprehend him for questioning. Who would want her Uncle dead? Or was it her they were after…perhaps hitting those she cared about? Has her identity been compromised?? There were many questions that needed answering.

After finding no man matching the description her uncle gave her, Mitsuyami’s thoughts shifted back to her current assignment, and the more she thinks about it the less she likes it. She asked herself if stealing from House Zelargo, one of the most powerful Houses in all of Sharn (uh, can’t remember the name of the city we are in for sure), is really the wisest of decisions. And who is it that has contracted Korbin for this job?? It has to be someone that is either very powerful and potentially has a score to settle with the Gnomes, or someone very stupid. Either way, Mitsuyami was starting to get a dread feeling about the entire job, and she has learned over the years to trust her own instincts. She will let Korbin know of her discomfort with her role in this assignment. After all, she isn’t the one who has the contract, so it’s not her problem.

  • Later that day

“So we are just going to walk into Zelargo’s main compound and pretend to be interested in finding their missing blueprints?” Mitsuyami marveled to herself. She knew the approach they were taking wasn’t planned, and that was what bothered her the most. Her world is structured, precise, and to be fumbling along “off the cuff” just didn’t suit her in the least. The trio came before a Gnome that seemed to be of some importance. He informed them of the missing pieces and filled in the blanks as to when they were stolen and which foremen had lost them. Even if they were able to retrieve the lost piece that they didn’t already possess…then what!? Were they just going to give the pieces back…only to steal them again?? The plan just wasn’t rational. Her gut feeling that the mission would end badly was overpowered by her absolute persistence to succeed. She did not stomach failure well. She would simply have to find a way to complete her objective.

  • Mitsuyami recoils from the intense heat created by the blaze *

She looks over the edge of the 3rd floor for potential saboteurs. Just at the edge of her vision she notices cloaked figures making their escape…running across the rooftops below. She points them out to Korbin, who apparently has seen too many winters, as his Elven eyes weren’t sharp enough to follow. She knew these cloaked men might know the whereabouts of the missing blueprints and that she must apprehend them.

  • The crossbow clicks loudly as the bolt is sent flying, injuring her target but not accomplishing it’s intended purpose

She chases her prey around the corner into a dead end street. She sees a door slam just ahead and follows, going into the shack, in search of the injured man. Mitsuyami becomes completely still and closes her eyes, allowing her finely tuned senses to take over, listening for any sound. No breathing, no foot steps running…nothing. The man had evaded her. She had lost her target. This was unacceptable. Perhaps she should have listened to her gut sooner…

Dreams and Observations

Mitsuyami arises in the morning just as the first sun begins to break the horizon. Her sleep was troubled the night before much as it has been periodically since she was a teen. The images of this dream, always the same, are still fresh in her mind. The demon that pursues her bears a resemblance to herself…only its features are twisted, its countenance grim. She has spoken to her uncle of these images and his interpretation is that there is some dark part of her mind that she must put to rest. If he only knew exactly what this darkness was, and how much a part of his niece it had become, he would surely cast her out of his family…as would her father.

Her long dark hair falls down over her shoulders as she rises from her bed…there is no doubt that her beauty is only matched by her deadly precision. She wraps a silk robe around her athletic frame and walks to the veranda as she does every morning, sipping her chai and taking in the beautiful dawn, mentally preparing herself for the day. The rest of the morning hours is spent training. This is her time to ponder her mission and plan her every move. Her precision must be flawless. She can not risk her identity ever being revealed.

Finishing her morning routine, she goes to the bathing room and soaks in a hot tub, thoughts of Korbin and his brash companion fill her head. These two are mostly certainly not the sort she needs to work with. Korbin might be careful enough to be relied on to get the job done right, but is Aisling creature!? If it weren’t for her older uncle keeping her in line she would make an aweful mess of everything. She is far too reckless! Mitsuyami has become known because of her accuracy, her ability to complete her objective without any evidence left behind, it’s too much to risk to work with amateurs…

the crossbow clicked loudly as the trigger fell and the bolt launched through the air**

Looking down at his chest, just above his heart, the man sees the tip of the bolt penetrating his flesh and his clothing. He reaches down to feel for the crimson fluid that is rapidly evacuating from the opening the crossbow bolt has left. He closes his eyes and winces as he feels an overwhelming chill come over his body. He breaths in a deep breath, his last breath, then collapses to the ground.

Mitsuyami sees the disappointment on Korbin’s face as he motions to her that this wasn’t the mark. Amateurs…


Her stroke was fluid, the blade hit flesh just below the shoulder blade on the left side, and continued diagonally up to the right. Her mark groaned as he felt the flesh on his back open and his life’s blood stream forth. His muscles seized for a moment with the pain and then released…causing him to fall to his knees. He would never know the appearance of his assailant. She spun to her right to get the momentum she needed and brought Zetsumei flush with her mark’s neck, the cut was clean and precise, separating the head from the body and spattering a line of blood on the ground as her blade finished its arc. She wiped it clean and slide it firmly back in its saya. She had completed her objective. In her mind she heard he own voice tell Korbin that she would be the one doing most of the work…she was right.

Mitsuyami Personal Information

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